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Offshore Manufacturing - Offshore PCB

Trax Offshore Manufacturing
TraX Offshore Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd "TOM" was established in 2006 to offer TraX Interconnect customers an alternative when we are unable to manufacture boards locally due to quantity or level of technology.

TOM has partnered with several manufacturers in the East and Europe, drawing on each manufacturers particular strength or area of expertise.

No job is too large for TOM, and every level of technology is catered for from the simplest single sided board to the complex multilayers with laser drilled vias, and fine line tracks and spacings.

Advantages of dealing with TOM

FasTrax rapid delivery Open account purchases so work can start immediately.
FasTrax rapid delivery All files are checked by TraX engineers before being sent offshore.
FasTrax rapid delivery Direct customer access to TraX engineers to solve technical difficulties, without the usual language barrier problems.
FasTrax rapid delivery Let us take care of the foreign currency complications, letters of credit and customs delays.

Summary of Offshore Capabilities

Maximum number of layers: 36 Minimum track: 75µm (3mil)
Minimum gap: 75µm (3mil) Smallest mechanically drilled holes: 150µm (6mil)
Smallest mechanically drilled blind holes: 150µm (6mil) Smallest laser drilled holes: 25µm (1mil)
Smallest laser drilled blind holes: 50µm (2mil) Smallest buried holes: 25µm (1mil)
Aspect ratio max - through holes: 16:1 Aspect ratio max - blind holes: 1:1
Drilled hole edge to copper (M/L rigids): 175µm (7mil) Drilled hole edge to copper (F/Rs): 225µm (9mil)
Controlled Impedance: ± 10% Vias in surface mount pads: Yes
Planar transformers: Yes Chip on-board and component in-board: Yes
Edge plating: Yes Edge plated half holes: Yes
Edge plated fingers: Yes Buried resistors: ± 3%
Solder resist laser ablation: Yes Resin filled vias: Yes
Laser structuring (copper pattern and solder resist): Yes Copper filled blind vias: Yes

PCB Types

Single sided
Double sided
Multilayer (including sequential build)
Stepped multilayer
High Density Interconnect (HDI)
Controlled Impedance
Surface mounted and buried heatsinks
Blind and buried vias
Buried resistors
Fibre Optics in board

Material Types

FR4, High Tg FR4, Polyimide, PTFE, Resin coated copper, Metal core, Cyanate Ester


ENIG, HASL, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Conductive Ink, Electroplated Hard Gold, OSP

Gauteng: +27 11 646 9018
Cape Town: +27 21 712 5011
KwaZulu-Natal: +27 33 387 6670

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